Minecraft 1.8 Update: Servers have been updated to accept 1.8 clients, though it's not officially 1.8 yet.
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Creative Plots 3.0!

JKnetz aOWNER posted Mon at 11:46

Creative Plots 3.0 is now up and running!
Plots are now much bigger at 100x100 giving plenty of space for all your creativity. I can't wait to see who the best builders are, you may even have a chance to join our architect team!

WorldEdit is coming!? Yes, you'll be able to vote for WorldEdit once we have everything set up. We'll let you know when it's ready!

Enjoy 15% off your next creative rank, pet, or perks for a limited time: www.swg.sc/creative

tehlegendarywolf can I file a complaint?
♦ Ñîçk ♦ legend I have had experience with world edit (TY _xXfinity_ for the help ;))
whitelegendninja VIP I believe it's avaliable to all ranks, but it will be a certain amount of time if you vote, so, 1 vote = 12 hours.

Prison 2.0

CullanP aCO-OWNER posted Aug 20, 14

Prison has had a full revamp with many changes and when the timer ends we will be taking down the server for approximately 1 hour to set everything up. This revamp will be clearing all non-donators ranks, wiping money, plots, and anything of the sort. All donator ranks will be safe and you will be able to claim your package on log in by using a kit. For more information on this reset, with changes included in it:

Click here for more information
ben2453 HEROHELPERRANDY Cullan 10/10 <3
thedragonman12 SWAGVIP+ACE No worries God is here [; and he will be the first z
iGalaxyCraft SWAGVIP+POPPYACE Lol [;

Survival Games 2.0!

JKnetz aOWNER posted Aug 6, 14

The Survival Games revamp we've all been anxiously waiting for is finally here...

Along with the revamp, Superhero kits have also been released! You can check them out at our web store.

To celebrate this revamp, all kits will be 20% off for a limited time!

Every Friday you will have the opportunity to try out a VIP Kit on Survival Games! 

We will be choosing a random kit and you'll be able to use it throughout the day.

WalterPotter22 VIPACE Do Batman for next week thx
Ghost__999 SWAGACE Fix kit Ghost........... No invis !?!
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